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Protecting Businesses

Chubb risk engineers help companies minimize loss potential with customized risk management programs and services—from sprinkler system analysis to worker safety to cyber risk mitigation—designed to strengthen strategies across the enterprise to keep their businesses safer.

Industry Focus

Chubb risk engineers help businesses stay ahead of the risks with their deep expertise in many industries – from mixed occupancy real estate to medical device manufacturers, from clean tech to cultural institutions. Benchmarking analytics focus on issues common within an industry.

Digital Solutions

Risk engineering tools and resources are available anytime, anywhere with our digital service offerings. Clients can access customized service products and a library of risk management information from any device.

Thought Leadership

Chubb risk engineers influence the safety and insurance arenas by partnering with academic institutions, participating in national standards committees, authoring articles in professional journals, and presenting training at industry conferences for professional safety and health organizations.

Customer Insights

We are always listening to our customers – through each interaction as well as round table events, focus groups, and market research. 

Chubb Risk Engineering Center

Increasing globalization, new business models, changing technology, and evolving risk management approaches — as you face these challenges and opportunities, our Chubb Risk Engineering specialists focus on bringing you and your business the latest in risk mitigation strategies at our advanced, collaborative and interactive educational facility – built for the next generation of risk management. 

2022 Safety Calendar

Download this year’s safety calendar for daily tips to help reduce risk exposures to you and your employees.