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Pro ERM℠

Pro ERM is a fully integrated professional liability insurance solution that enables professional service firms to manage and insure the growing exposures that companies face in the digital era. Pro ERM is an expansion of Chubb’s comprehensive Cyber ERM policy that gives organizations of all sizes an enterprise risk management solution to address professional, media, and cyber exposures.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Chubb's Miscellaneous Professional Liability policy is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of professional service industries.

Professional Liability for Media Organizations

If your company gathers and disseminates information, then you face the same litany of media liability exposures as a publisher, broadcaster, advertising agency, video or film producer, or any other media organization. Chubb’s MediaGuard policy offers professional liability protection for both traditional and non-traditional media organizations.

Chubb Professional Portfolio℠

Get the comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage you need with Chubb’s flexible policy. You have a choice of four integrated coverages, designed to work as standalone policies or together, resulting in a tailored solution designed to address your specific needs.

Employed Lawyers Professional Liability

Creditors, customers, vendors, government regulators, competitors, shareholders and even employees can sue a company’s in-house attorneys for legal malpractice. Employed Lawyers Professional Liability by ChubbSM helps protect in-house attorneys from allegations of errors and omissions in carrying out their legal duties.

Public Officials Professional Liability

Public officials’ responsibilities to their constituencies grow more and more complex, and your management and professional liability insurance needs to reflect this. With Chubb’s underwriting expertise in the Directors & Officers (D&O), professional liability, and Employment Practices Liability (EPL) arenas, we can help you get the coverage you need.

Public Entity Professional Liability

Chubb’s Public Entity professional liability insurance policy is designed to address the unique exposures of public entity individual risks and pools.

DigiTech Enterprise Risk Management®

DigiTech Enterprise Risk Management® provides a distinctive level of technology and cyber protection that combines cyber insurance with extensive loss mitigation and incident response services, giving you an enterprise risk management solution to address your organization’s cyber risks.

Integrity+ by Chubb

This integrated financial insurance solution provides broad liability and first-party cyber protection for a wide array of professional liability/ E&O, data security, privacy, media and intellectual property infringement exposures.

Professional Liability for Law Firms

Each law firm’s culture is unique and your insurance should be too. With Chubb, you get the benefits of flexible, tailor-made coverage and quality service.

Financial Institutions Professional Liability

Financial Institutions can be affected by litigation against their management team, board of directors and company – a costly and constant distraction when conducting your business. Chubb’s management liability coverages are tailored to address your unique needs.

Architects and Engineers Professional Liability

Design professionals constantly face new risks, from broadened contractual requirements, new technologies, increasing emphasis on sustainability, and more. Reduce your exposures with Chubb’s flexible policy that can be tailored to your needs.

Educators Legal Liability

The responsibilities of those who oversee the activities of educational institutions and their charges grow more and more complex, and your management and professional liability insurance should reflect this. Chubb’s comprehensive policy is designed to address the exposures created by the day-to-day operations of school districts, private or charter schools and higher educational institutions.

Contractors Professional Liability

As the lines of responsibility between design firms and contractors continue to blur, professional liability insurance coverage has become just as essential to a contractor as it is to an architect or engineer. Let Chubb help take the worry out of construction projects so you can focus on what you do best.

Professional Liability Insurance Solutions

Chubb’s Professional Liability solutions are designed to provide the insurance protection needed in today’s business climate. You can count on Chubb’s Professional Liability team for many reasons, including 20+ years in the E&O space, expertise in crafting a custom solution based on industry class and specialized coverage forms.