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Inland Marine

Our expertise in underwriting inland marine insurance, our financial capacity and our flexible coverage can be tailored to address your specific risks.

Ocean Marine

Chubb delivers tailored marine insurance solutions and sophisticated risk management services to address the unique needs of shippers, manufacturers, vessel owners and builders, and marine facility owners, from multinational manufacturers and logistics providers with global assets to national boat manufacturers and small yacht clubs and marinas.

Marine Insights

Our Marine leadership team devotes time and resources to researching and understanding the latest trends and opportunities within the marine industry.

Shipping Essential Goods during a Pandemic

With an increased demand for items, such as sanitizers, disinfectants, and other cleaning agents, buyers have looked to international sources for raw materials and goods newly considered "essential." Chubb has developed a list of recent incidents involving the theft of low-profile goods, as well as a checklist to help protect high-risk cargo in transit.