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We understand that your treasures reflect your personal journey. That’s why we look for ways to say yes and to do more – by providing insurance for your collections, helping you protect your artwork, jewelry, wine and spirits, antiques, and more – so your special items will last a lifetime and beyond.

Our Products

While typical homeowner’s policies are designed to protect your home and what’s inside, there is usually limited coverage for valuable possessions – such as jewelry, fine art, wine and spirits, antiques, and collectibles – that may get lost, stolen, or damaged. A Chubb Valuable Articles policy provides insurance for your collections, so you can feel confident that your special possessions are protected.

They gave me a tremendous amount of confidence, and I was very grateful for their timely response.
Scott K., Dallas, TX

Disclaimer: This information is descriptive only. All products may not be available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as issued.