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Fiduciaries of retirement plans of all sizes are being sued as the wave of excessive fee claims continues to grow. Could you be next? Learn more about this risk and how to protect against it. 

Excessive Litigation Over Excessive Plan Fees

The alarming rise in the number of lawsuits filed over excessive fees in retirement plans is a potential exposure for all types of plan sponsors in all types of industries. Chubb offers a look at the dramatic change in excessive fee litigation.

Excessive Fee Loss Prevention

While Fiduciary Liability insurance is a key piece of any protection against liability for managing or administering employee benefit plans, any comprehensive risk management program should include loss prevention measures. Chubb is proud to facilitate our policyholders’ access to superior loss prevention services, including Excessive Fee Mitigation Services, at discounted rates.

Lawsuits Over Excess Retirement Plan Fees on the Rise

Chubb's Alison Martin discusses what advisors should know when considering their own plans and advising clients in this ThinkAdvisor piece. Her article covers the potential fiduciary liability under ERISA and how lawsuits are at an all-time high.

What’s All The Fuss About University Retirement Plans And Their Fees?

If you handle fiduciary liability insurance and need a better understanding of the latest wave of fiduciary breach claims against private universities, this memo will help unravel the mystery.

Webcast: The War on Retirement Plan Fees

Listen in as coauthors Alison Martin and Lars Golumbic discuss the nature of excessive fee lawsuits and the potential risk factors for plan fiduciaries.

How Fiduciaries Can Help Protect Themselves from Excessive Fee Litigation

Chubb's Alison Martin discusses how fiduciaries can help protect themselves from excessive fee litigation